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How To Install FastReport Reporting Components For C++

How To Install FastReport Reporting Components For C++

In this post, you’ll learn what the FastReport component is and where you can get it for free. How do I install FastReport with RAD Studio? Does FastReport support VCL applications? Does FastReport support FMX applications? By learning all the information about FastReport Reporting Components, it will help you to easily build C++ applications using the C++ Software.

What is FastReport?

FastReport is a report generator for VCL and FMX applications introduced by Embarcadero Technologies, it can be used with both C++ Builder and Delphi, it is a modern solution for integrating Business Intelligence in your software. It has been created for developers who want to use ready-made components for reporting. FastReport VCL and FMX, with their simplicity of use, convenience, and small distribution size are able to provide high functionality and performance on almost any modern PC. 

You can easily create print sheets, you can add tables, you can also list your data queries as a print table in highly detailed formats. You can connect different databases with different components and you can list all your queries in tables to be printed by users.

How to install FastReport

We can install Fast Report by using the GetIt Package Manager tool of RAD Studio, C++ Builder. First, we should decide our framework to use this component, you can install both VCL and FMX versions. To Install Fast Report,

Fast Report is using TeeChart, some versions may have a problem during installations. So be sure TeeChart standard is installed as in installation options of RAD Studio. To check this go to Tools->Manage Platforms.. menu of Rad Studio, select Additional Options, be sure that TeeChart Standard is checked. If not checked check it and click to Apply button to install TeeChart.

  1. Open Rad Studio
  2. Go to Tools-> GetIt Package Manager… Menu.
  3. On the top of GetIt Package Manager there is a search area, type “fast report” to find it easily. If you can’t see probably you have an old version or your edition is not allowed to use this component.

4. Select FMX or VCL version, when you select there will be install button as given example above, Install it !

5. Be sure that “Process completed succesfull”

6. Now RAD Studio may need to restart to load all installed components, restart it.

7. If you create a new VCL or FMX application, now you should be able to see its components on the right side Tools Palette. There should be FastReport category (i.e FastReport 2.0 FMX or VCL), Click on it to see components listed in this category. Also there should FR FMX Tools category installed.

8. Now you can drag and use FastReport components in your VCL and FMX applications.

We will explain how you can use Fast Report in another post. Please keep following us.


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