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What Is The Integer Sequence (std::integer_sequence) In C++ 14

In modern programming sometimes we want to use a sequence of integers that are created at compile-time. In C++14, the std::integer_sequence is a class template for the sequence of integers that is generated at compile-time. In this post, we explain what integer sequence (std::integer_sequence) is in modern programming. What is the integer sequence (std::integer_sequence) in C++ 14? In C++14…
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Learn How To Use Non-Copyable Movable Types in C++ Templates

In C++, memory and CPU/GPU management are very important and the compiler is amazingly using them well in templates, classes, and objects. Every declaration and usage of any bits may cause a lot of heavy calculations, memory usage, and high CPU/GPU usage. Using copy and move types in templates is very important when you develop a professional app. In this post, we explain how you can use…
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What Is An Extended sizeof In Modern C++?

In modern programming, the size of any data is very important, while the programmers are trying to minimize data types or stream packages, global data transfer is increasing by the requests of new technologies. Thus, we need to know each data type in programming. The sizeof() function is very useful to get the size of variables in bytes. C++11 extends the functionality of sizeof function so that…
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What Is Uppercase T in C++ Syntax?

Knowing the correct syntax for any command, function or method is really important in C++ before you can write code effectively. Generally, we need to learn what kind of return type or parameters are used. We can use the helpful features of our IDE such as auto completion to make things easier, or we check online syntax examples. In modern C++ programming, sometimes we see an uppercase T in syntax…
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