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What Are The Boost C++ Libraries?

C++ is a great programming language that has many useful libraries. One of the most useful libraries are packed in Boost C++ Libraries. which is a set of C++ libraries that contains 164 individual libraries (as of version 1.76) that significantly expand the C++ programming language using template metaprogramming. You can use boost libraries with the most of C++ IDE and compilers. In this post…
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How To Design Multiple Platform App Layouts In C++

What is multiple platform app development? How can I design my FMX application for the different operating systems? What should we do to design better performance apps?C++ Builder is a great IDE that allows you to design your application on different platforms in varied sizes. From back-end app and small-scale forms (TForm) to high DPI forms. We can create an application for a low graphic IoT and…
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This Is How To Use Shape Components In A Windows C++ App

C++ Builder is a great IDE which comes with the FireMonkey UI framework. While Firemonkey is a powerful multi-platform UI framework which lets you create apps which work on desktop as well as mobile phones and tablets you can also use it to add many shape types to your C++ app on Windows. TShape is the ancestor class to most other classes defined in the Objects unit. It defines the common…
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Everything You Need To Know To Create Menus In C++ Builder

How can I create visual menus in C++? Which C++ IDE supports to create Menus easily? How can I use Main Menu easily with a C++ compiler code? What is TMainMenu? What is TMenuItem? What kind of menus I can create in C++? What is a “Menu” in an application? Menus are one of the most important parts of professional applications. If you are developing a small application you may…
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