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How To Use The Python Language In A C++ App?

Python is hugely popular and has some really useful libraries. Python is particularly strong in the field of AI and machine learning (ML). If you are C++ developer, you might want your users to be able to analyze data with AI modules or frameworks written in the Python language in your applications. Let’s imagine you want the users to carry out a few button clicks to do some heavy AI…
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What Is A Gaussian Activation Function In A Neural Network?

What is Gaussian Activation Function in Neural Networks? How can we use the Gaussian Function in ANN? Where can we use Gaussian Function in AI technologies? How can I use these functions in my C++ app? Let’s recap the activation function and explain these terms. What is an activation function in an artificial neural network (ANN)? An Activation Function ( phi() ) also called a…
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How To Make A Simple But Powerful Chat Bot In C++

How can I make a simple but powerful chat bot in a C++ app? Where should I start to build a chat bot? Can I develop applications with chat functionality like Siri, Google Assistant and other AI based chat bots with C++ Builder? How can I start to develop a natual language processing NLP based application? What is the basic concept to make a simple chat bot? Technology moves fast and…
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What Is A Rectified Linear Unit Activation ANN Function?

IThis article will explain what a Rectified Linear Function is in ANN. How can ReLU Activation Function Hyperbolic be used? Let us refresh our memories about activation functions and define these terms. Learning rectified linear functions will be useful when coding a C++ program with c++ software. What is an artificial neural network (ANN) activation function? An Activation Function(…
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