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How To Develop A Simple Hopfield Network In C++

In the history of AI development, one of the greatest AI technologies was the pattern recognition models, especially to read texts from pixel images. One of them was the Hopfield network (or Ising model of a neural network or Ising–Lenz–Little model), which is a form of recurrent neural network, it was invented by Dr. John J. Hopfield in 1982. A Hopfield Network can be applied to pattern…
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How To Use The SVG Image Format With Skia In C++ Builder

The latest RAD Studio / C++ Builder 12 comes with a lot of new features, one of them is Skia graphics library support in C++. Skia is an open-source graphic library that provides support for a variety of hardware and software platforms. Skia provides smooth 2D graphics that uses GPU efficiently. Skia supports a lot of new image formats, such as .bmp, .jpg, .gif, .gif animation, .svg, .ico…
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Learn How To Use Clamp (std::clamp) In Modern C++ 17 and Beyond

The C++17 brings a lot of features to the modern programming. The Parallelism Technical Specification adds several new algorithms to the standard C++ library. These are modernized in the <algorithm> header in the standard library. In this library there is a very less know useful algorithm std::clamp, which is an algorithm that returns value in its range. In this post, we explain what is…
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Five Simple Examples Of C++ VCL Applications

TheC++ Builder CE Community Edition is afreeversion of professional C++ Builder that you can develop GUI based desktop and mobile applications in C++. In this post, we will give you five simple C++ console examples to help you understand how C++ Builder 11 CE runs applications. The latest C++ Builder 11 CE was released in April 2023. If you are a start-up developer…
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