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How To Program A Game In C++

C++ is a great programming language to develop games. In fact, I think C++ is the best language to develop games – it is the most popular language in game development industry. You can use several free C++ compilers to create some small games as a console app. In games, mostly we use do-while loops to repeat actions. You can use the C++ switch function too to efficiently check for various…
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This Is How To Simulate Ball Physics 3D in A C++ App

Do you want to learn how to make your C++ app simulate physics of objects in 3D without using any 3D engine? In this post we will explain how we can simulate ball physics 2D in a simple way. Let’s assume that we look from a X-Y view, and Y is the height that means Y=0 is the ground. How we can simulate a ball physics in a given ball velocity, and gravity in that environment? C++…
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This Is How To Add A Blur Effect To Images In C++

What is the Blur Effect in C++? Which C++ IDE helps us easily add blur effects to our apps? How can I use a blur effect from a framework library in C++? Is there an easy way to add blur effects to components? How can I add a blur effect to alpha images in my applications? How can I use the TBlurEffect in C++ Builder? What are the visual tips to add blur in the development of C++ applications?
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How To Define And Use An Idle Loop In A Windows Application

In C++ Builder, the global variable Application (TApplication), is in every VCL-based application. Application encapsulates your application as well as provides many functions that occur in the background of the program. For instance, the Application handles how you call a Help file from the menu of your program. Understanding how TApplication works is more important to a component writer…
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