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You Need To Know How To Correctly Remove Characters From C++ Strings

How can I correctly remove a character from a string? How can I use pop_back() method in strings? Can I use erase() and resize() methods in std::string to remove characters? Modern C++ usesStrings, Wide StringsandUnicode Stringsto support worldwide languages.Strings (std::string)usescharas the character type which means they are ASCII chars and…
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Why You Should Use IPWorks MQTT Lib To Communicate with IoT

Do you want to learn a IoT protocol ? Do you want to learn how IoT devices messaging each other ? What is MQTT ? How can we use MQTT protocol with our IoT devices ? In this post, we will answer these questions and we will give some simple examples to do MQTT connections with this IPWorks IoT Library. MQTT, Messaging Standard for IoTs MQTT is an messaging standard protocol that can be used by…
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GetIt Components of the Year 2021 H1

Do you want to learn what are the components that we can use in C++ Builder in the first half of the year 2021? Which components to download from Getıt? In this post, we will choose some of components for first half of this year. In Modern Programming, in other term in Professional Programming, especially in Modern C++; we mostly refer to a lot of libraries and other tools that helps us to…
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