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Discover Function Overloading in C++

Function Overloading, is used to operate with the same function by defining it with different variable types. By using Function Overloading, a function can be used with the same name in different parameter types and multiple variations. In previous posts about functions, we created an addition function add() that has a and b parameters and returns sum of a and b. C++ functions are the most…
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Discover Goto and Labels in C++

Thegotostatement is used to jump to alabelthat provides an unconditional jump from the goto to a labeled statement in the same function. We can also do the same loops as the same in for() while() loops by using goto statement. Instead of goto we mostly use for(), while(), do-while() statements or functions, classes, because they are faster and better than using goto. Rarely…
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Learn C++ With Back to Basics: Design Pattern by Mike Shah (CPPCon 2020) Video

Design Patterns are interchangeable design elements that can help to make the program more manageable, scalable, and extensible. In this video, you will be learning the basics of the trends of artistic, structural and behavioral design. This talk is targeted at beginners who have some C++ experience working on a software project but are beginning to think about major software issues. At the end of…
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