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Quickly Learn To Develop A Simple Windows Paint Application in Modern C++

Do you want to develop a Paint like application on windows? In this project we will develop a simple paint application in Modern C++ for windows. Before this we would like to recommend you our previous posts about Bitmap Operations In C++ Builder (FireMonkey) and Quickly Learn How To Use Canvas Drawing In C++ On Windows. This example is good to learn how to use graphics. When you code in C++…
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Easily Learn To Find Prime Numbers In Modern C++

Prime numbers are interesting area to research. A prime number, it is also called prime shortly , is a natural number (a positive integer)  greater than 1 that is not a product of two smaller natural numbers. If a number is not prime then it is called as a composed number. There are several mathematical questions regarding prime numbers are still unsolved.  Finding them and relations and…
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Learn How To Easily Record Sound In Powerful Modern C++ On Windows

Sounds are in wave format and in digital form sound has its volume change in timeline. In C++ Builder it is easy to use recording devices on Windows. To record a sound in Multi-Device applications we must use FMX.Media.hpp header. 1. Let’s create a new MultiDevice C++ Builder Project, save all project and unit files to a folder. 2. To define Audio Capture Device we need FMX.Media…
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Learn C++ With Building Coroutine Based Job System Without Standard Library by Tanki Zhang (CPPCon 2020) Video

Job system is a popular game engine component to increase total CPU performance. This video will walk you through the creation of coroutine-based work system and describe the benefits of using coroutines over the traditional ways of constructing a work system. This will address the design decision, the trade-offs and the current limitations. It is a crash course for system developers who want to…
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