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Get To Know The Powerful C++ Data Bindings In Windows Apps

How can I use visual bindings with a database? What is LiveBindings? How can I use LiveBingings Designer? Can I use FireDAC components with Visual Bindings? Are there visual bindings in C++ Builder like there are in Objective-C++? Can I use MyDAC components with Visual Bindings? Can I use all components with Visual Bindings in C++ Builder? How can I create a database and connect to it by using…
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5 Things You Need To Know About Optimization In C++ Builder

How can I increase arithmetic speed in C++ Builder? How can I optimize my C++ Builder application? Can I use -O0, -O1, -O2, or -O3 optimization options in C++ Builder the same as in GNU C/C++ and other C++ compilers? Where can I find more information about C++ optimization? Arithmetic Speed is important in the computational areas such as high DPI image processing, data mining, complex…
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How To Delete A File On Windows In C++ Builder

How can I delete a file in C++ Builder? How can I use DeleteFile method in C++ Builder? Let’s answer these questions. C++ has a lot of great libraries to operate on every case, on every item. We can create or delete directories by using System Commands that we explained before in thispostor we can use C++ standard library methods. In C++ Builder, we can use both of them and…
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