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What Is Set (std::set) In Modern C++?

Modern C++ has a lot of options to add and modify data members with its amazing data holders, arrays, structs, pointers, and containers. Containers are powerful data storage arrays in C++ and they are very useful to iterate and search. A container is a holder object that stores data elements (a collection of data objects). std::array, std::vector, and std::map are these kinds of containers.
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Learn To Create A Torus As A Custom 3D Mesh Object in C++ Builder

In a 3D Application Development, 3D objects can be displayed with 2D projection methods by using 2D / 3D mathematical calculations drawings. That may be hard to code and needs much coding skills to display them. We can use OpenGL and DirectX with their 3D functions/commands to display them. We can also use and port a 3D Engine SDK. In C++ Builder, 3D objects can be easily displayed by using…
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What Are The Differences Between std::rand() And std::mt19937 In Modern C++?

Random numbers are widely used in today’s modern applications. In C we use rand(), srand() and in C++ it is std::rand(), std::srand(). Since C++11, we can use the Mersenne Twister random generators;  mt19937 (std::mt19937) for 32-bit applications and mt19937_64 (std::mt19937_64) for 64-bit applications. Modern C++ allows us to use both old and new random generators. In this post, we explain…
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How To Use std::invoke In C++ 17?

There is a new library feature in the C++17 standard, it is std::invoke which is a useful feature to uniformly invoke callable entities. In this post, we explain what std::invoke is and how we can use it in examples. First, let’s remind ourselves about what is a callable object and what is a functor in modern C++. What is callable object and what is functor in modern…
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