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Learn about Object Oriented Programming, Introduction to OOP

When learning about C++ programming a lot of programmers have many questions. Let’s answer them in this topic. One of the biggest difference between C and C++ programming languages is, C++ is anObject Oriented Programming (OOP)language that supports using Classes. In this post we will explain Object Oriented Programming, In another term this is an Introduction to OOP. Object…
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Learn C++ With Making Games Start Fast: A Story About Concurrency by Mathieu Ruport (CPPCon 2020) Video

Games taking too long to get started is a common criticism in game development. Players dislike it and developers spend a long time watching screen loading. The audience will be shown how Intel vTune can be used to profile threading problems, how “thread safe” APIs can be deceptive, and how re-architecting code in lock-free mode can significantly boost throughput. The video will also…
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Learn to Use Parameters in Functions in C++

In the C++ programming language, we can add functions with many parameters, each parameter may have different types. We can add as many parameters as we want by defining its type and its name to be used inside that function separated with ‘,’ coma. We can shape this usage in the most common syntax to define a function as below, return_type function_name ( type1 parameter1, type2…
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