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Learn About the Main Function in C++

The Main Functionis the main part of an application coded in C++, it is the designated entry point to a program that is executed in an operating system (on Windows, iOS, Mac-OS, Android, Linux etc.). Every C++ application program has a main function which starts all application statements, and functions. We can create C++ files without the main function and we can use them as a library…
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Learn C++ With Back to Basics: Move Semantics by David Olsen (CPPCon 2020) Video

One of the many powerful improvements of C++11 is Move Semantics. It addresses a variety of programming problems that have been vexed by C++ developers for years. However, moving semantics can be easily misused, and the nuances are often difficult to get correct. This presentation will benefit both those who are still learning how to write a strong robust C++ code and those who already know all…
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Learn to Use 3D Rotation Matrix in Low Level C++ Graphic Applications

Our screens are 2D dimensional planes and consists of pixels in X and Y directions. How we display a 3D object in this 2D plane ? 3D objects in our 2D screens are projection of 3D coordinates by using mathematical calculations. In 3D operations, i.e. in 3D graphics, 3D robotics, 3D mechanics; we use matrix forms which are multi dimensional arrays in C++. Generally they are 3 dimensional arrays…
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