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Learn to Use Constant References in C++ Functions

When we call a function with parameters taken by value, it copies the values to be made. This is a relatively inexpensive operation for fundamental types such as int, float, etc. If the parameter is composed of a large compound type, this may result in a certain overhead. For example, let’s consider this following function to combine name, mid name, and surname. string fullname (string…
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Learn About Function Declaration and Definition in C++

In C and C++ programming language there are two parts of a function, Declaration, and Definition. Function Declarationis the combination of the return type of function, function’s name, and parameters in parenthesis.Function Definitionis the body of the function includes statements and other functions. In general use, they are defined together as below, myfunction() // this…
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Learn About the Main Function in C++

The Main Functionis the main part of an application coded in C++, it is the designated entry point to a program that is executed in an operating system (on Windows, iOS, Mac-OS, Android, Linux etc.). Every C++ application program has a main function which starts all application statements, and functions. We can create C++ files without the main function and we can use them as a library…
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