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What Is Count In C Programming?

If you want to develop a native C app for an operating system you need a powerful C or C++ compiler and IDE to develop your software. In the C language we can count anything in our runtime variables, memory, files, anything from the database, etc. For example, we can count similar names, the number of birds in an aviary and the number of employees working there that are younger than 25 years…
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What Are Header Files In C++ and C Programming?

C and C++ languages are highly evolved and modern app-building software comes with a lot of libraries and with header files to define functions in these libraries. Header files and their libraries are one of the main important parts of the C and C++ languages. A header file can be added to code lines by using the #include <...> directive in a C++ code editor. For example, you can use…
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How To Program A Game In C++

C++ is a great programming language to develop games. In fact, I think C++ is the best language to develop games – it is the most popular language in game development industry. You can use several free C++ compilers to create some small games as a console app. In games, mostly we use do-while loops to repeat actions. You can use the C++ switch function too to efficiently check for various…
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How Do I Learn The C++ Programming Language?

C++ is one of the most powerful programming languages as well as being one of the world’s most popular. C++ is a compiled language that produces machine codes as a native application. Some professional versions come with specialized code editors known as an IDE (integrated development environment). Using a fast and reliable C++ IDE is very important for beginners and professionals since it…
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