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How To Change Background Color Of A Component In An FMX C++ App

C++ Builder is the easiest and fastest C++ IDE for building professional applications with powerful GUI components like Memo, Edit, ListBox, StringGrid and many more. Each component can be ‘skinned’ with Styles to change their visual appearance. Styles are very powerful and because of this it can sometimes take a little to get used to how they work. In this post, we explain how to…
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Advantages and Disadvantages of The C++ Programming Language

In the last 40 years C++ has earned, and maintained, a reputation as one of the most efficient programming languages. C++ is still hugely popular, often in the top 3 of any lists of popular programming languages and is used widely across a wide array of operating systems. Choosing the right programming language and IDE (we call them C++ tools) are very important in the early stages of learning to…
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What Are The Macros For The Integer Constants In Modern C++

In C++ programming, there are macros for the fixed-width integer type that allow you to obtain minimum and maximum possible values. In this post, we explain these macros for integer constants in modern C++. What are the macros for minimum signed integer constants in modern C++? Here are the macros for minimum signed integer constants in general form in C++: Integer Constant…
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What is _t (underscore-t) in C++? Why some types followed by _t?

The C++ Programming Language is huge, it may have millions and millions of keywords, and commands with every new library or feature addition. In programming, it is hard to memorize all of these keywords. Sometimes when we are using some keywords, we may have some questions about them, because we want to learn and memorize them logically. If you are using C or C++, we may have these questions…
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