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How To Install C++ Builder CE Community Edition For Your First Project

TheC++ Builder CE Community Edition is afreeversion of professional C++ Builder that you can use to develop GUI based desktop and mobile applications in C++. The latest C++ Builder 11 CE is released on April 2023. If you are a start-up developer, student, hobbyist or just interested in learning to code then C++ Builder Community Edition may well be just the thing for you.
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How To Change The Background Color Of A Memo In An FMX C++ App

C++ Builder is the easiest and fastest C++ IDE for building professional applications with powerful GUI components like Memo, Edit, ListBox, StringGrid and many more. Each component can be skinned with Styles to change their visual appearance. Styles are very powerful and because of this it can sometimes take a little to get used to how they work. In this post, we explain how to change background…
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What Are Declared True Constants In Modern C++?

C++ has many different variable types to develop modern applications with modern C++ IDE‘s and compilers. Several different language constructs are referred to as ‘constants’. There are numeric constants and string constants. Every enumerated type defines constants that represent the values of that type. Declared constants are either true constants or typed constants. In this…
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What Are Fixed Width Integer Types In Modern C++

In C++ development, integer variables can be decimal (base 10), octal (base 8) or hexadecimal (base 16). In addition to int, short int, long int, and long long int, there are fixed width integer types. Fixed-width integers are defined types with a fixed number of bits. In this post we will list them. What are fixed width integer types in modern C++? In addition to standard types in C++…
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