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How To Create TCP/IP Server and Client Connections in C++ Builder?

The speed of communications is rapidly increasing and new advances in the underlying technology happen with increasing frequency. One of the oldest and maybe one of the most used types of connections in the world is the TCP/IP (Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol) connection. This protocol is used to enable end-to-end data connections. It is a standard that specifies how data should…
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Learn C++ With Back to Basics: Concurrency by Arthur O'Dwyer (CPPCon 2020) Video

One of the flagship features of C++11 was the implementation of std::thread, along with a full suite of primitive synchronizations and useful patterns such as thread-safe static initialization. In this video, we will inspire the threading model of C++11 and demonstrate how to use std::thread effectively. Audience will leave this session with a clear understanding of “multithreading…
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Learn C++ With The Networking TS from Scratch: I/O Objects by Robert Leahy (CPPCon 2020) Video

Networking TS Facilities provide a framework within which testable, extensible, asynchronous programs can be written in C++. In addition to this, the Networking TS sets out specific “I/O object” types that provide means of performing I/O and thus enable the authoring of such programs to take place immediately. These provided I/O objects will invariably not be sufficient. The talk will…
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