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What Is A Template In C++?

The C++ language is a very strong choice for all aspects of professional and modern programming. One of the great features of modern C++ are templates. A template is a simple and very powerful statement in C++ which defines the operations of a class or function in a generic way and then lets the user apply the same template on different types in those operations. You can learn how to use a…
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5 Simple Ways To Optimize C++ Arithmetic Operations

Optimization is one of the important parts of programming, but we should note that it is not as important in C++ in most cases for modern CPUs and GPUs today. Do not spend too much time optimizing if it is not needed. In this post, we will explain where you should optimize and 5 ways to optimize C++ arithmetic operations. In this post, you’ll get answers to these questions: What is…
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Testing C++ Builder CLANG and GNU C++ performance by Counting Prime Numbers

In this post we compared runtime performance of C++ Builder Console Application with CLANG Compiler and GCC Compiler.Prime numbers are interesting area to research. A prime number, it is also called prime shortly , is a natural number (apositive integer) greater than 1 that is not a productof two smaller natural numbers.If a number is not prime then it is called as a…
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Learn C++ With Constructing Generic Algorithms: Principles And Practice By Ben Deane (CPPCon 2020) Video

This video explores how to make your own algorithms. Starting with the raw loop that solves a nontrivial problem and turn it into a generic algorithm without removing the ability to perform. It will make you understand algorithm patterns and how to organize the pattern. You will also be inspected where existing algorithms fall short, including slight changes or wrappings that gives extra…
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