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How To Execute A Command And Get The Output In C++ Builder

Operating Systems consist of a lot of system commands, and In C++, we can run system commands by using the std::system() command. In C++ Builder, we can retrieve the output of these commands into components, for example into a Memo (TMemo), or into a ListView (TList). This allows you to use the benefits of operating system commands in activities such as Windows development. You can use any other…
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Learn To Use std::tuple In A C++ Compiler For Windows

What is a tuple, or std::tuple? How can I use a tuple in a C++ compiler? Can I store different types of variables in tuple template? What does std::tuple mean to a C++ compiler? The tuple ( std::tuple) is a class templatea fixed-size collection of different types of values like floats, integers, texts, etc. In another term tuple stores the different types of the elements, it also…
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Learn To Use Powerful Modern Linked Lists In C++

In this post, you’ll get answers to these questions: Can I use linked lists with unique_ptr in a modern way?How can I use linked list with the class, struct combinations?How can I use smart pointers with linked lists? By learning how to use Powerful Modern Linked Lists in c++, it will help you to build C++ applications with the use of C++ Software. What does the smart pointer unique_ptr…
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Quickly Learn To Check OS Platform Compiled In C++ Builder With Predefined Macros

Sometimes it is needed to understand compilation platform during compile or acting and designing UI elements in accordance with the platform. In this post we would like to give some examples to check some options in application codes. The C++ compiler predefines certain global identifiers, known as manifest constants. Most global identifiers begin and end with __ (two underscores) in C++.
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