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Learn Bits and How To Use std::bitset In C++

In computer hardware and software, bit is the smallest unit of data, and as programmers we use them in every single character of our code lines and more. A std::bitset is a modern feature to use set of bits in C++. C++ is great programming language to use every part of hardware of a device and you can use C++ program easily with a professional compiler and by using this kind of examples below.
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What Is Int In C Programming?

C is one of the most powerful programming languages in the World and it’s suitable for a wide variety of uses. Integer variables are one of the important data types that we end up using frequently in our programs. The RAD Studio and C++ Builder IDEs, while primarily intended for creating C++ programs are extremely powerful free C IDEs too for those who want to develop applications of all…
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The Pros And Cons Of Lambda Expressions In A C++ App

Lambda Expressions allow users to write an inline expression that can be used for short snippets of code which are not going to be reused and don’t require naming in your C++ app. The Lambda Expression construct is introduced in C++ 11 and further developed in the C++17 and C++20 standards. Because of its syntax and definition with [ ] and ( ) and { }, sometimes it is hard to understand or…
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Learn To Use The Multi-Talented Printf() Function In C++

The Printf function is one of the oldest and most powerful functions that we use to print out strings or that we use to print out to a stream or to another string. Do you want to learn the basics of printf() function? Who says you can’t use printf() in Modern C++? Who says printf() is oldish ? 🙂Before we used cout cin in C++ (actually I don’t use them in my Modern Apps), we were…
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