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How To Convert u32string To A wstring In C++

While C++ is one of the most modern programming languages in the world, in 2024, it still has problems with strings and conversions. One of the problems is new std::basic_string types, it is hard to display and convert them. For example, there are no perfect conversion methods between basic_strings, especially, from higher character type strings to lower character type strings, such as conversion…
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How To Use Basic Methods Of Strings In C++?

In C++, one of the most used variable types are text strings, also known as alfa-numeric variables, and they are really important when storing and retrieving valuable data. It is important to store your data safely in its language and localization. In modern C++, strings are std::basic_string types such as std::string, and std::wstring. In this post, we explain some methods of std::string in…
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How To Compute The Greatest Common Divisor And Least Common Multiple in C++?

The C++ 17 standard brings us a lot of useful methods, templates, numerics, and algorithms. Two of the great numeric functions are std::gcm and std::lcm which are defined in the <numeric> header that computes the greatest common divisor and least common multiple of two integers. In this post, we learn what std::gcm and std::lcm are, and how can we use them in modern C++. What is std::gcm…
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What is the conjunction (std::conjunction) metafunction in C++?

Metaprogramming is another great feature of modern C++ that allows programs to redesign themselves during compilation or run time. In C++17, another new feature of metaprogramming is introduced, logical operation metafunctions. These are variadic metafunctions that are conjunction, disjunction, and negation which can be used for metaprogramming features of applications. In this post, we explain…
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