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Learn What Is A Variable Template in C++

One of the great features of modern C++ is templates. A template is a simple and very powerful statement in C++ that defines the operations of a class or function. In this article, we will explain Variable Template in C++ examples that can be used by a professional C++ Code Editor and compiler that supports C++14, C++17, and over.  First of all, let’s try to explain what a C++…
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Learn How To Use Alias Template In C++

C++ language is a very strong programming language from all aspects of professional and modern programming techniques. One of the great features of modern C++ is templates.With the increased use of parameterized types in C++, the need for parameterized alias template has been added since C++11. In this article, we will explainhow to use alias templateswith C++ examples that can…
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Learn Bits and How To Use std::bitset In C++

In computer hardware and software, bit is the smallest unit of data, and as programmers we use them in every single character of our code lines and more. A std::bitset is a modern feature to use set of bits in C++. C++ is great programming language to use every part of hardware of a device and you can use C++ program easily with a professional compiler and by using this kind of examples below.
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What Is Int In C Programming?

C is one of the most powerful programming languages in the World and it’s suitable for a wide variety of uses. Integer variables are one of the important data types that we end up using frequently in our programs. The RAD Studio and C++ Builder IDEs, while primarily intended for creating C++ programs are extremely powerful free C IDEs too for those who want to develop applications of all…
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