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What Is The mt19937 Random Generator In Modern C++?

Random numbers are one of the most important parts of today’s modern programming technologies. They are used in mathematics, physics, in many engineering fields, and in programming such as generating random data for testing, random maps in levels, random trees on a planet – the list is endless. Since C++11, mt19937 (std::mt19937) is implemented as a random number generator. In this…
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Learn C++ Optimization With A Genetic Algorithms Example

Solving C++ optimization problems are one of the areas of all quantitative disciplines from social science, economics to engineering fields such as computer science. Genetic Algorithm (GA) is a kind of machine learning process that is used to generate high-quality solutions to optimization and search problems by relying on biologically inspired operators such as mutation, crossover, and…
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What Is The Class Template Variant (std::variant) in C++ 17?

In C++ Builder 12, and modern C++ the std::variant is one of the powerful features that comes with C++17. The std::variant is a discriminated union that we can work with multiple data types. It represents a type-safe union and holds one of its types in definition. What is the class template std::variant in C++ 17? The std::variant is a class template defined in <variant> header that…
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How To Use Alias Templates For Traits In C++ 17 and Beyond

One of the great features of C++ is templates, they are parameterized by alias templates in C++11. Then, In C++14 and C++17, they improved C++11’s feature with a number of template aliases whose use simplifies the traits. This feature is called “Alias Templates For Traits” and in this post, we explain what is and alias template and how we can use alias templates with…
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