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What Is The SoftPlus Activation Function in C++ Neural Nets?

What is SoftPlus Activation Function in ANN? How can we use SoftPlus Activation Function? Let’s recap what the details of activation functions and explain these terms. What is an Activation function in Neural Networks? An Activation Function ( phi() ) also called as transfer function, or threshold function that determines the activation value ( a = phi(sum) ) from a given value (sum)…
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What Is The C++ Builder REST Debugger And How Do We Use It?

What is the REST Debugger? In RAD Studio there is a superbly useful tool called the REST Debugger. It comes included with RAD Studio C++ Builder. It is very useful to test REST Requests such as “Gets” and “Posts” to see what effect they have and view their results. It is very easy to automatically set up the REST components with their parameters which can then be pasted…
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How To Make A New Windows VCL Static Library In C++

What do we mean by the term “static library”? What is a DLL? How can I create a new DLL dynamic library? Can I create a new DLL using the FMX framework? How can I create a function in a dynamic library? Where can I find a simple DLL example which uses C++ Builder FMX? Can we develop Dynamic Link Libraries in C++ Builder for Windows FireMonkey Applications? Is it possible to use DLLs…
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How To Set Runtime Process Priority On Windows In A C++ App

How I can set runtime process priority on my Windows C++ application? Can I change the process priority level on runtime? May I apply specific process priorities in different actions? How can use full power of one of my CPU core or thread? How can I use maximum power of my CPU in efficient way? Let’s try to answer these questions.The C++ Builder VCL library has a lot of Windows specific…
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