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The Modern Way To Read Formatted Wide Strings In A C++ App

How can we read a formatted wstring in a modern C++ app? How can I convert a wstring to a wstringstream? What is std::wstringstream? What are the methods that can be used to read a formatted string in general? Is there a simple example of how to read formatted wide string? Is there a full C++ example of reading formatted wide strings in a C++ app? Let’s answer these questions. When we…
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How To Extract The Drive Name From A Path In A C++ App

C++ Builder is the easiest and fastest C and C++ IDE for building a C++ app on the Windows, MacOS, iOS & Android operating systems. It is also easy for beginners to learn with its wide range of samples, tutorials, help files, and LSP support for code. RAD Studio’s C++ Builder version comes with the award-winning VCL framework for high-performance native Windows apps and the powerful…
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How To Use The Find() String Method In A Modern C++ App

How can I find a string inside another string? What kind of methods I can use in a C++ app to find a string in a std::string? How can I use find() methods with strings? Modern C++ usesStrings, Wide Strings, andUnicode Stringsto support worldwide languages.Strings (std::string)usescharas the character type which means they are ASCII chars and they are an…
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What You Need To Know About Form Methods in C++ Applications

Do you want to know about the available form methods you can use in C++ applications? How can we use mouse events on Forms? How can we get key presses made by users on our Forms? Let’s learn all about Methods of Forms on VCL Applications in C++ Builder. C++ Builder is the easiest and fastest C and C++ IDE for building everything from simple to full-on professional applications on the…
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