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Learn To Use Script Injection Method In Modern C++ On Windows With EdgeBrowser

If you want to analyze browsed web pages, first you need a web browser component. We can use Script Injection methods to get more details about the HTML or XML documents, for example to get Title of that webpage, or full Body of that page, or value of an element. This is very useful for data mining or for analyzing web pages, this can be applied with time intervals for refreshing web pages, like…
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Quickly Learn About Basic Windows C++ Components (QuickLook Part 4)

TrackBar Trackbar is a slider on the form that allows users to get numeric values by dragging the track. A track bar can set integer values on a continuous range. It is useful for adjusting properties like color, volume and brightness. The user moves the slide indicator by dragging it to a particular location or clicking within the bar. We can set its Oriantaion to Horizantal or Vertial. We…
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Colors In Modern C++ For Windows Development

Colors are very important in application development on both displaying and editing/analyzing operations. All images (pictures, photos, drawings, icons, emojis, all UI elements …) are consist of pixels in colors. You just need to change the colors of a pixel to draw a beautiful drawing or to edit a photo. You can set your drawings, bitmaps, images, you can create colorful BMP, JPG, PNG…
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Modern Windows "Hello World" 3D Example in C++ Builder

If you are a beginner “Hello World” examples are good to understand feature of that programming language. It is good to understand how to edit text, how to write in its format, how to compile and link, how to debug and execute, how to deploy or release. This example below is a modern “Hello World” example on Windows which runs with C++ Builder. Modern applications has…
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