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How To Compile A C Program In Linux

Linux is a great operating system and it’s mostly written in the C Language. C is one of the most powerful programming languages and it can be managed and compiled by a C++ compiler and build tools. Because C and C++ is so good at producing very efficient programs suitable for intensive low-level tasks like software drivers there are C/C++ IDEs with compilers for many different operating…
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This Is How To Extract A File Extension in A Windows C++ App

C++ Builder has specific Path Manipulation Routines that allows your C++ app to edit, extract, get and set drive name, directory name, file name, file extensions and so on. These methods are combined in Vcl.FileCtrl, System.IOUtils, System.SysUtils libraries. These path manipulation methods are easy to use and easy to get or set file path strings in that operating system. These can be used…
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How To Use A Sharpen Effect in C+ Software On Windows?

What is the sharpen effect in C++ software and how do I use it? Which C++ IDE supports the ability to apply a sharpen effect easily? How can I use a sharpen effect from a framework library in my own C++ software? Is there an easy way to add sharpen effects to components? How can I add sharpen effect to alpha images on my applications? How can I use TSharpenEffect in C++ Builder? What are the…
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