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What Does Library Mean In C Programming?

The C programming language is one of the most popular programming languages. C++ is the highly evolved and modernized Object Oriented version of the C language and its compilers also support C language-only apps. Libraries are one of the main important parts of the C and C++ languages. For example, you can use <stdio.h> library – or <cstdio> in C++ – for the standard input output…
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How To Create App Splash Screens For Android And iOS In C++

ASplash Screenis a graphical control element consisting of a window containing an image or a logo and sometimes includes the details about the current version number of the software and components used. ASplash Imagecan appear on a Splash Screen while a game or program is launching. In Multi-Device C++ Software applications, Splash Screens are the images that are shown…
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Learn to Master Every Screen Property in Your C++ Builder FMX Apps

How we can get Screen size of device in C++ Builder? What are the properties of a Screen? Can we use Screen in Multi-Device applications? In this post, we will explain some of important properties of Screen class. C++ Builder is the easiest and fastest C and C++ IDE for building simple or professional applications on the Windows, MacOS, iOS & Android operating systems. It is also easy for…
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Learn How To Build A Modern C++ "Hello World" Example For Windows

If you are a beginner “Hello World” examples are good to understand feature of that programming language. It is good to understand how to edit text, how to write in its format, how to compile and link, how to debug and execute, how to deploy or release. This example below is a modern “Hello World” example on Windows which runs with C++ Builder. Modern applications has GUI…
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