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Learn To Use Predefined Identifier __func__ In C++

Modern C++ has a lot of features that can be used in professional programming. C++11 standard improved the previous C99 standard feature __func__ which is a predefined identifier for functions or methods. The predefined identifier __func__ returns as a string that contains the name of the enclosing function or method. In this post, we explain how we can use predefined identifier…
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How To Use Switch In C++ And C Programming?

C and C++ are consistently listed at the top of lists of popular programming languages. C++ is one of the most powerful programming languages which is suitable for a wide variety of uses. It shares a history with C and as a result many C constructs and code also work in C++. You can generally compile C code with several different C and C++ compilers. One of the most used flow control operators in…
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How To Make Your C++ Compiler Fly Much Faster

Use TwineCompile to improve your C++Builder C++ compiler speed and increase your productivity at the same time. TwineCompile is available via the GetIt Package Manager for 10.4 and newer for developers who have an Update Subscription. TwineCompile lists its features as: Advanced compile system uses multi-threading technology and caching techniques to make C++ compiles 50x…
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What You Need To Know About Sigmoid Functions In Neural Nets

Which activation function are the most popular? What is Logistic Function? What is difference between Logic Function and Sigmoid Function? How can I use these functions in my C++ app? Briefly, a Sigmoid Function is one of the most popular activation functions that are used in AI Technologies. A Sigmoid Function is a simple type of Logistic Function aka Logistic Curve. Let’s recap what an…
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