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Brothers are in Fight! Delphi and C++ Builder Comparison in Prime Test

We have released a lot of Prime Number Benchmarks posted in LearnCPlusPlus.org before, Easily Learn To Find Prime Numbers In Modern C++ and Interesting C++ Builder Compiler Counting Prime Number Benchmarks are some of tests, you can find more here with Dev-C++, GNU C/C++, VS Code examples. It is good to test mathematical speed of programming language and we are able to compare same code with other…
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Learn C++ With The Networking TS from Scratch: I/O Objects by Robert Leahy (CPPCon 2020) Video

Networking TS Facilities provide a framework within which testable, extensible, asynchronous programs can be written in C++. In addition to this, the Networking TS sets out specific “I/O object” types that provide means of performing I/O and thus enable the authoring of such programs to take place immediately. These provided I/O objects will invariably not be sufficient. The talk will…
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