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How To Make AI Binary/Heaviside Step Functions In C++

What is a Binary Step Function? Should we use Binary Step Function or Heaviside Step Function? Are Binary Step functions and Heaviside Step functions the same thing? What is a Unit Step Function? Briefly, all these terms are same, let’s explain these terms. What is an activation function in C++ AI? An Activation Function ( phi() ) also called as transfer function, or threshold…
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How To Automate Background Compiling C++ With TwineCompile

Learn how to use the TwineCompile SORTA Automatic Background Compile feature of TwineCompile. Install TwineCompile via the GetIt Package Manager for C++Builder with Update Subscription. TwineCompile lists its features as: Advanced compile system uses multi-threading technology and caching techniques to make C++ compiles 50x faster!Automatic background compiling engine ensures that files are…
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How To Use Smart Pointers For Dynamic C++ Memory Management

In computers, all data and operations during runtime is stored in the memory of our computers, IoTs, or in other microdevices. This memory is generally a RAM (Random Access Memory) that allows data items to be read or written in almost the same amount of time irrespective of the physical location of data inside the memory. What is static memory allocation and dynamic memory allocation? In…
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Get To Know The Powerful C++ Data Bindings In Windows Apps

How can I use visual bindings with a database? What is LiveBindings? How can I use LiveBingings Designer? Can I use FireDAC components with Visual Bindings? Are there visual bindings in C++ Builder like there are in Objective-C++? Can I use MyDAC components with Visual Bindings? Can I use all components with Visual Bindings in C++ Builder? How can I create a database and connect to it by using…
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