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How To Program C++ Apps In 2022

Are you searching for how to program C++ apps in 2022? Well, you’ve come to the right place! The C and C++ programming languages are the most popular programming languages and they can be used to develop apps in many different operating systems. You can develop apps in C++ for iOS, Windows, Android, Linux and for the other native systems, IoTs like Arduino, and others like the Raspberry Pi.
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How To Start A C++ Program

How to start designing. creating, compiling and launching a C++ program is at once, paradoxically, both easy and difficult. There is a great quote from the Dao De Jing which says, “a journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step“. I would augment that by adding “start with the right first step“. Using a fast and reliable C++ compiler for Windows is a very…
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What Is The Right Way To Use const_cast In C++?

What is casting in C++? What is a cast operator? What types of casting can be used in a C++ app? What is const_cast in C++? How can I use const_cast in C++? C++ is a fast and powerful programming language suitable for manipulating data and memory for almost any purpose…
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This Is How To Analyze Includes in C++ With Cppinclude

Learn about Cppinclude, a tool for analyzing C++ “includes” in this video. Oleg Fedorenko takes us through the use of Cppinclude and why it is so useful analyzing the headers you have included in projects so you can better optimize compile times and make sure everything is as efficient as possible. Where can I get the Cppinclude C++ tool? Cppinclude is publicly available at the…
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