Where To Find The C++ Standards In 2023?

C++ is a well-established programming language that is supported by a big community for many different computing hardware platforms. The language has a set of standards generally named after the approximate year the standard was adopted, such as C++98, C++11, C++14, C++17, and so on. Basically, these standards are an international agreement for C++ compiler technology. If you are using a feature…
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How To Run A C Program

C and C++ are two of the most powerful programming languages and they can be run by free C++ IDE and compiler for the different operating systems like Windows and mobile. Using a fast and reliable C++ compiler for Windows is very important for beginners and professionals…
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How To Execute A C Program In Terminal

C is one of the most powerful programming languages. You can create simple programs written in C using free C build tools and compilers that are available for the different operating systems like Windows, iOS, and Android. It has many pre-defined variables, functions, and…
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What Is Static Assertion And How To Use static_assert In C++?

In C++, as with any programming language, it’s important to ensure that the logic of your program is correct even when the compiler thinks the syntax is valid. This is true no matter how good your C++ dev tool may be. Logical errors – where something in the program code should be true or false, can be very difficult to spot and track down because the code looks correct but the flaw in…
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Who Invented The C++ Programming Language?

The C++ programming language and C are hugely popular despite having been around for 40 years. Behind that popularity are thousands of developers working together to bring out the best C and C++ compiler solutions which incorporate the very latest enhancements and improvements. Today we have C++ CLANG standards with names like C++17 and C++20. But the initial spark for the C language started in…
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What Do I Need To Program In C++?

If you want to create amazing programs in C++, first you need a computer with a recent, supported operating system like Windows, macOS, or Linux. Second, you can’t really program in C++ without a C++ compiler that is compatible with the chosen operating system. Third, you need a C++ IDE. Using a fast and reliable C++ IDE is very important for beginners and professionals since it helps C++…
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