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Learn to Display Formatted Floating Numbers in C++ Builder

How we can display floating or double numbers in C++ Builder? How we can apply formatting display to floating numbers? How we can use StrToFloatF method in C++ Builder? Can we use printf in Modern C++? Let’s answer all these questions. What does the phrase “formatted floating point numbers” mean in C++? In programming, we use float, double, long double datatypes a lot for…
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Learn to Use Strings in C++

In C programming language ASCII codes are used as in char arrays to store texts in ASCII mode. You can use char arrays in both C and C++, they are faster in operations and they have less memory usage. In s modern way, strings are useful for storing texts and they are defined…
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Learn About Delimiters (Tokens) in Modern C++ On Windows

Delimiters (token term also used) are characters which separates strings between each of them. For example spaces, comas and other symbols can be used as a delimiter char to separate strings between them . Normaly in C++ strtok() were being used in C++, that is used with chars. In Modern C++, strings are now UnicodeStrings, TStringlists has some property to extract strings. If you are new to…
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