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What Are The New Fold Expressions In C++ 17

C++17 is another big milestone in the history of C++, it comes with a lot of new features. In C++17, the fold expressions feature is a powerful feature that allows us to fold a parameter pack over a binary operator. Folding Expressions are very useful with variadic templates, and this feature makes template arguments more readable and concise. There are 4 different types of usage and in this…
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What Are The CMath Mathematical Special Functions in Modern C++?

In C++11 and C++14, we were able to use this math.h library in C++ applications. After the C++17 standard, this library modernized math operations with the cmath library. Functions are declared in <cmath> header. For compatibility reasons the <math.h> is an optional alternative to support older code. In this post, we list most of these mathematical functions declared in the <cmath>…
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What is Assignment Operator In C++ Classes?

In C++, Classes and Objects are part of object-oriented methods and typically provide features such as properties and methods. One of the features of a C++ Editor are assignment operators such as copy assignment and move assignment operators. In C++, a copy assignment operator is used with “operator=” to create a new object from an existing one. In this post, we explain assignment…
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Where To Find The C++ Standards In 2023?

C++ is a well-established programming language that is supported by a big community for many different computing hardware platforms. The language has a set of standards generally named after the approximate year the standard was adopted, such as C++98, C++11, C++14, C++17, and so on. Basically, these standards are an international agreement for C++ compiler technology. If you are using a feature…
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