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This Is How To Use The VCL StringGrid Component In A C++ App

C++ Builder has a lot of great components you can use to create a C++ app and StringGrid (TStringGrid) is one of these. A StringGrid  represents a grid control designed to simplify the handling of strings. We can easily add a TStringGrid object to a form to represent textual data in a tabular format. StringGrid provides many properties to control the appearance of the grid, as well as…
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How To Make An MSIX Windows Installer Package

What is MSIX? Which RAD Studio versions support MSIX package provisioning? What is the structure of an MSIX package? How do I create an MSIX package? How can an MSIX package help with Windows app development? What is an MSIX installer package? MSIX is modern file installation package for Windows applications. Windows apps packaged with MSIX can be uploaded to the Windows Store to make…
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This Is How To Visualize Kinematics In Windows C++ Apps

In this post, you’ll learn what kinematics is, how to use it in programming, draw kinematic drawings in C++, and how to simulate kinematic animations in a C++ app. What does Kinematics mean? Kinematicsis a subfield of physics; it describes themotionof points, rigid bodies, and systems of these rigid body groups without considering the forces that cause them to move.
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How to Create a New Windows VCL DLL In C++

In this post, you’ll get answers to these questions: What is a Static Library?What is a DLL? How can I create a new DLL Dynamic Library?Can I create a new DLL using the VCL framework?How can I create and call a function in a Dynamic Library?Where can I find a simple DLL example in C++?Can we develop Dynamic Link Libraries in C++ Builder? By learning how to create a new Windows VCL DLL in…
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