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How To Use Pointers In C Programming and C++

Pointers are variables that hold addresses and the asterisk character ‘*’ is used to define pointers, it is used before the variable name. This variable can be an integer, float, string, or any data block like structs, object arrays, bitmaps coming from a camera, or a signal or sound wave coming from an input, any data block that has a memory address can be pointed by a pointer. If…
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How To Run A C++ Program In The Linux Terminal

Linux is a great operating system, and the C++ Language is the one of the most powerful programming languages. You can compile your C++ app code with the latest C++ version of most C++ build tools as well as a number of C/C++ IDEs with compilers in all sorts of different operating systems like Windows, iOS, Android as well as Linux. C++ is very popular among developers in all OS platforms. Using a…
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Is C Programming Hard?

In comparison with some of programming languages available today new developers may find the C language hard to learn. Is C programming really hard? If you learn the basics of the C language and if you have a good C editor it is easy to code, compile and run applications.
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What Is A B In C Programming?

C is a procedural computer programming language supporting structured programming, lexical variable scope, and recursion, with a static type system. How should we start C programming? C is one of the fastest languages form manipulating bits, numbers, and string arrays. It is…

What Is Programming Language C?

The C programming language is one of the most popular programming languages. But what do we mean by C programming? Did you know that C be used to develop apps like  simple C and C++ hello world examples to professional C and C++ applications with free tools like Dev-C++ and C++ Builder CE ? The C Programming Language was developed in the 1970s and since 1970, there have been many programming…
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Why Use C Programming?

The C and C++ programming languages are hugely popular despite having been around for 40 years. Behind that popularity are thousands of developers working together to bring out the best C and C++ compiler solutions which incorporate the very latest enhancements and…
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How To Compile And Run A C++ Program

C++ is one of the most powerful programming languages and it’s suitable for a wide variety of uses. The RAD Studio, C++ Builder IDE is a simple development tool for those who want to develop a C++ applications. Using a fast and reliable C++ IDE is very important for beginners and professionals alike since it developers in remembering which language features exist, how to use them, and even…
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