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How To Convert u32string To A wstring In C++

While C++ is one of the most modern programming languages in the world, in 2024, it still has problems with strings and conversions. One of the problems is new std::basic_string types, it is hard to display and convert them. For example, there are no perfect conversion methods between basic_strings, especially, from higher character type strings to lower character type strings, such as conversion…
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Learn Default Constructors Of Classes In Modern C++

Classes in C++ are the main building blocks of Object Oriented Programming Tools. They have a special function known as a constructor which is automatically called when an object of a class is created. There is a default constructor type in classes that is called when a class is defined with no arguments, or it is defined with an empty parameter list, or with default arguments provided for every…
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Full List Of Features In C++ 11

C++ is one of the most powerful programming languages available today and it is being improved by every new C++ standard. The “Modern C++” term started with the release of the C++11 standards, and then the C++14, C++17, and C++20 standards followed. In the future C++23 is already on the horizon. Modern C++ consists of a lot of features of previous C++ standards too and, of course, those of the…
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