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What Is An Eligible Copy Assignment Operator In C++?

In a modern C++ IDE, one of the features of its modern is the copy assignment operator that is used with “operator=” to create a new object from an existing one. In this post, we explain an eligible copy assignment operator in C++. What are classes and objects in C++? Classes are defined in C++ using keyword class followed by the name of the class. Classes are the blueprint…
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Advantages and Disadvantages of The C++ Programming Language

In the last 40 years C++ has earned, and maintained, a reputation as one of the most efficient programming languages. C++ is still hugely popular, often in the top 3 of any lists of popular programming languages and is used widely across a wide array of operating systems. Choosing the right programming language and IDE (we call them C++ tools) are very important in the early stages of learning to…
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What Are Fixed Width Integer Types In Modern C++

In C++ development, integer variables can be decimal (base 10), octal (base 8) or hexadecimal (base 16). In addition to int, short int, long int, and long long int, there are fixed width integer types. Fixed-width integers are defined types with a fixed number of bits. In this post we will list them. What are fixed width integer types in modern C++? In addition to standard types in C++…
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How To Exit From A Program In C and C++

If you like to develop apps, then C++ programming in Windows with full, modern attractive graphical user interface and the full functionalities of all the available UI elements is very important since Windows users still represent a HUGE market. Despite all the support from the operating system and powerful compilers which spot errors and ‘not responding’ loops, sometimes our C++…
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