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What Is The Right Way To Use const_cast In C++?

What is casting in C++? What is a cast operator? What types of casting can be used in a C++ app? What is const_cast in C++? How can I use const_cast in C++? C++ is a fast and powerful programming language suitable for manipulating data and memory for almost any purpose including operations with data types, operations with pointers, operations between classes, etc. In C++, both structs and…
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How To Operate On The Words In A String In C++

How can I operate on the words in a given string? How can I split a string with multiple delimiters in C++? What is a word in programming? Today the digital world has billions of texts and books that have many sentences. Sometimes we need to operate on these sentences at the words level rather than the individual characters. For example, we need to analyze sentences to define the frequency…
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The Top 6 C++ Builder Component Packs Available This Year

RAD Studio, C++ Builder is a C++ IDE that allows users to install 3rd party components. These components allow users to add features and functionality to their C++ apps without needing to write lots of new code. Easy to connect, easy to compile, easy to design and view tables and easy to handle many digital features. There are more than 100 C++ components, all of them are really great and they…
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What is the std namespace in C++?

What is namespace std in C++? What does namespace mean for a C++ compiler? How can we define a namespace in C++ IDE? Why don’t we use “using namespace std;” in C++ Builder? How can I use the std namespace? How can I define my own namespace? Let’s answer these questions. What is a namespace in C++? Namespaces in C++ (namespace) allow users to group named entities…
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