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What Is An Implicitly-declared Move Constructor In Modern C++?

Since the C++11 standards, in modern C++ Programming, one of the features is the move constructor that allows you to move the resources from one object to another object without copying them. One of the move constructors is the implicitly-declared move constructor, which is declared in a base class. In this post we explain the implicitly-declared move constructor in Modern C++.First, let’s…
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How To Change Background Color Of A Component In An FMX C++ App

C++ Builder is the easiest and fastest C++ IDE for building professional applications with powerful GUI components like Memo, Edit, ListBox, StringGrid and many more. Each component can be ‘skinned’ with Styles to change their visual appearance. Styles are very powerful and because of this it can sometimes take a little to get used to how they work. In this post, we explain how to…
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How To Run A C Or C++ Program On iOS

A fast and reliableC and C++ Compiler and IDE for app development software for iOS is very important for beginners and professionals alike, whether they are developing C++ for iOS or for any of the other operating systems and targets. The C and C++ programming languages are subjectively the World’s most powerful programming languages and consistently appear in the World’s top three most…
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What Are Function Macros For Integer Constants?

In C++ coding, there are function macros for the fixed-width integer type that expands to an integer constant expression having the value specified by its argument. Their type is the promoted type of std::int_least8_t, std::int_least16_t, std::int_least32_t, and std::int_least64_t and unsigned versions of these types respectively. In this post, we explain these function macros for integer…
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