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How To Make Use Of The Powerful Watch List in C++ Builder

What is Debugging? in fact, what is a bug? How can I debug in the C++ compiler? Is there An Example of how to use Watches? How can I see Watch List Window? How can I add a watch to the Watch List? What is Debugging? As we mentioned in another article here on debugging: debugging is the process of finding and resolving bugs in your software applications or hardware systems. Bugs are defined…
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What You Need To Know About C++ Gaussian Error Linear Units

In this post, you’ll learn what a Gaussian Error Linear Unit is. How does the GELU function work in ANN? Where can GELU be applied to AI technologies? By learning C++ Gaussian Error Linear units, it will help you to build C++ applications with the use of C++ IDE. What is an activation function? An Activation Function( phi() ) also called astransfer function, orthreshold…
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What You Need To Know About std::basic_string In Modern C++

In this post, you’ll learn what a basic string is in modern C++ and how to use it. Is std::basic string equivalent to std::string? By learning more about std::basic string, it will help you to easily build C++ applications using the C++ IDE. What is basic_string? The basic_string (std::basic_string and std::pmr::basic_string) is a class template that stores and manipulates sequences…
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