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This Is How To Make Artificial Neuron Models in C++

This Is How To Make Artificial Neuron Models in C++

What is a simple artificial neuron in C++? How can we code a simple AI neuron in C++? Should we use arrays, classes, or structs? In previous AI Tech posts, we answered all these questions. In this post, we will list all the simple AI models in C++. There can be many models depending on your research. We have tried to keep these posts simple to understand the different ways of AI programming in C++ with the use of  C++ IDE.

What is an Artificial Neural Network or ANN?

An Artificial Neural Network, also called ANN is a part of Artificial Intelligence that models artificial neurons connected in artificial layers. C++ allows us to create our own AI neuron models. A Minimum Artificial Neuron has an activation value (a), an activation function ( phi() ) and weighted (w) input net links. So it has one activation value, one activation function and one or more weights depends on number of its input nets.

We prepared a very simple Artificial Neural Network example with an Activation Function.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is SimpleANN2-1024x576.png

By the given example above, Here we go,

Is there a simple Artificial Neuron Model example in C++?

In the introduction post of the AI Tech series, we gave a very Simple Artificial Neural Network Example with a Simple Artificial Neuron in C++ as below,

Now, let’s do this same example with different neuron models in C++;

Is there an array-based Artificial Neuron Model example in C++?

Yes. Here is another simple neuron example with arrays. This example is also good for C applications on IoT devices. If you have a constant network and you know the trained data values, this model may be easy to check activation of neurons. Arrays allow you to use for loops.

Is there a structure-based Artificial Neuron Model example for the C language?

This example is perfect for calculating high numbers of neurons on machines which code can be compiled only in C:

We can also add a ‘fire’ function to fire each neurons something like this;

Is there a Class-Based Artificial Neuron Model Example in C++?

Classes are the best to use in C++; they are safe and much more functional. If you are new to Classes please read our previous posts about Classes & Objects.

If you are developing an AI algorithm for the C based devices, IoTs, and so on, then simple model, array-based models – but mostly struct-based AI models can be useful. These can also be useful with C++ based devices. If you are developing modern applications on Windows, macOS, iOS, Android or Linux then Struct- and Class-based models can be used. Class-based models can be also used on some IoTs which has C++ supports.

These example models above are very simple artificial neuron models. In C++ we’re lucky in that we can create our own models by using C++’s strong Classes, Objects and Structure features.


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