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What Is Auto Return Type Deduction In C++?

C++11 allowed lambda functions to deduce the return type based on the type of the expression given to the return statement. The C++14 standard provides return type deduction in all functions, templates, and lambdas. C++14 allows return type deduction for functions that are not of the form return expressions. In this post, we explain the auto keyword, what is an auto type deduction, and how we…
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Why Was The Gets Function Removed In C++14?

Modern C++ has a lot of useful functions coming from C. One of them was the gets() function that we use to get string inputs and that we were able to use in C++11 or earlier. In C++14, the gets function was removed, while fgets or other input functions remain there. If you have older C++ code that uses the gets() functions your C++14 version compiler will not compile it. Why was the gets function…
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What Is The Volatile Keyword In C++?

C++ is very strong in every aspect of modern programming. Volatile types are used with the volatile keyword. It is a lesser known type qualifier that is important to read types or objects whose value can be modified at any time. The volatile keyword is useful in memory-mapped applications, generally these are from a hardware device, from a sensor, from an input device, or data from on an IoT. For…
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