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How To Use Switch In C++ And C Programming?

C and C++ are consistently listed at the top of lists of popular programming languages. C++ is one of the most powerful programming languages which is suitable for a wide variety of uses. It shares a history with C and as a result many C constructs and code also work in C++. You can generally compile C code with several different C and C++ compilers. One of the most used flow control operators in…
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How To Program A Game In C++

C++ is a great programming language to develop games. In fact, I think C++ is the best language to develop games – it is the most popular language in game development industry. You can use several free C++ compilers to create some small games as a console app. In…
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What Is C++ Programming Used For?

C++ Programming language requires many pre-defined variables, functions, and libraries for the different operating systems which means you need a professional IDE. The C++ programming language uses compiler to generate executable apps and libs that makes it one of the most popular programming languages. A C++ compiler can compile C and C++ codes that has C++ libraries like std, VCL, FMX, GTK…
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Is C Programming Hard?

In comparison with some of programming languages available today new developers may find the C language hard to learn. Is C programming really hard? If you learn the basics of the C language and if you have a good C editor it is easy to code, compile and run applications. The C programming language is one of the most popular programming languages. You can start to learn the C language with simple…
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C++C++17Game DevelopmentIntroduction to C++Learn C++

How To Learn Game Programming In C++

C++ and Delphi are great programming languages to develop everything from simple to very professional level modern applications on Windows, iOS, Android and more. If you are new to programming in C++ generally a small amount of code with some logic is really good introduction into developing a love of coding. In this article we teach you how you can create a very simple guessing game with C++…
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