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This Is How To Use Shape Components In A Windows C++ App

C++ Builder is a great IDE which comes with the FireMonkey UI framework. While Firemonkey is a powerful multi-platform UI framework which lets you create apps which work on desktop as well as mobile phones and tablets you can also use it to add many shape types to your C++ app on Windows. TShape is the ancestor class to most other classes defined in the Objects unit. It defines the common…
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How To Make C++ Data Bindings In Windows VCL Apps

What are LiveBindings? How can I create LiveBindings in C++ Builder VCL applications? How can I use LiveBindings in VCL applications? What are the LiveBindings Visual Components? Is there a simple LiveBindigs example for the C++ Builder VCL applications? Let’s answer these questions by demonstrating them using a C++ IDE. What are LiveBindings? LiveBindingsis a data-binding…
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How To Install FastReport Reporting Components For C++

In this post, you’ll learn what the FastReport component is and where you can get it for free. How do I install FastReport with RAD Studio? Does FastReport support VCL applications? Does FastReport support FMX applications? By learning all the information about FastReport Reporting Components, it will help you to easily build C++ applications using the C++ Software. What is…
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Learn Basic Components in C++ Builder (QuickLook Part 1)

In this article we will add some quick methods to show how to use basic components in C++ Builder. Most of component properties and methods are same in VCL and FMX projects. If you are a beginner we highly recommend you to watch this Introduction To C++ Windows Development With C++Builder video to understand C++ Builder / RAD Studio IDE interface and some basic mechanisms. This video will help…
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