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C++ Builder 10.4.2 Released ! Learn What are the features of new RADS 10.4.2 ?

New Rad Studio 10.4.2 has been released, which means that both Delphi 10.4.2 and C++ Builder 10.4.2 has been released together or separately! It comes with many bug fixes, several new features, enhancements, and quality updates. It has been released after a long alfa and beta tests in production. Finally, it has been announced that the General Availability of RAD Studio 10.4.2! 

Do you want to learn what new features come with C++ Builder? Let me list some of them. 

RADS IDE is great now, lighter and faster!

RADS 10.4.2 comes with enhancements done by more than 600 customers who reported bug-fixes. IDE is great now, lighter and faster. That feels me develop a lot in this IDE. Many dialogs improved, including the Options, Source Breakpoint, and Compile dialogs. You can design and code for the same unit at the same time in multiple IDE windows. Remote Desktop support improved, great for that remoting into the office. New IDE comes with a new style ‘Mountain Mist’, a gray and blue style echoing classic Delphi. Normalizing file endings: solving many ‘blue dot’ and code insertion issues, a source with mixed LF and CRLF endings will be canonicalized to CRLF.

Error Insight for Warnings and Hints

One of the great features of IDE is Error Insight for Warnings and Hints: ‘red squiggles’ will now also include amber and blue for warnings and hints. This feature allows you to see your missing or some basic errors before you compile directly. There is an option to disable it in options. When the first time I use it, these icons made me irritated, later I love it. It shows me many errors before I compile that make it easy and faster to see your errors during development. 

It has two new VCL Windows Control, TControlList, and TNumberBox. Both TControlList and TNumberBox can be skinned with skin features of RADS.

TControlList is a high-performance graphical listing component. You can use graphics, text, and special buttons on your lists. supports multi-columns, different flows, adapts to available space, it can handle millions of items fast by its virtual data and caching feature. 

TNumberBox is a modern edit box for numeric values, it is very useful for engineering, fundamentals science-based applications, or any application which needs numbers like accounting applications. TNumberbox includes integers, floating-point, currencies

Windows Store Packaging with MSIX

This is one of the greatest features of RADS for your Windows application. Now you can easily deploy your Windows Store packages with Windows Store Packaging with MSIX.

LSP Improvements in C++ and Delphi

Code completion in C++ and Delphi is revised, both server-side and IDE-side. It is reported that many common causes for completion issues resolved. It has a complete scenario for a .cpp file that includes everything it uses. I see code insight has some improvements, I feel like more touches there may be need on the LSP side. C++ also benefits from the UI changes in 10.4.2, showing warnings and hints, etc

Low Code App Wizards

RADS 10.4.2 will have a new feature called Low Code App Wizards, which allows you to quickly create a new FireMonkey app with common screens. It generates an app based on your choices so your app UI useable immediately, a basis on which to expand. This feature will be available from GetIt downloads.

Enhanced Migration Tool

One of the most important thing for a developer is compatibility and migration on application codes. I should say that still I can run my old units (very old units) from the 2000s by including them in new projects. I was easily able to compile and run my old projects from the 2010s (XE2). Some applications may require small changes but mostly RADS is very friendly with your old projects. RADS 10.4.2 comes with an Improved Migration Tool with predefined settings for Product updates, New versions, Different computers. Includes external configuration files and more.

Silent Installer

RADS comes with its UI-based (silent) or command-line progress (very silent) Installer. It requests platforms and features upfront. Silent Installer works with both offline and online installation modes

C++64-bit Linker

64bit linker is focused on reducing memory strain on linker files. RADS introducing Split DWARFdebug information that split from the object file to a separate .dwo file. This allows the linker to link much fewer data and debug info is referenced to another file. This means linking may be faster in most of the applications and it holds much less data in memory

C++ Exceptions Handling and STL

Exceptions Handling is updated for the Clang-enhanced compiler. This update has reworking exception handling in the RTL for Clang-enhanced compilers and STL, an updated version of Dinkumware with many tweaks and fixes.

New OS Supports

RADS 10.4.2 designed to develop your apps on Windows, iOS, Mac-OS, and Windows. This latest update supports the latest iOS 14 Support on both Delphi and C++. It comes with Mac-OS 11 Intel Support, Android 11 Support in Delphi

Here are the key New Features & Benefits of RAD Studio 10.4.2,

// Best-In-Class Windows App Support
// New & Enhanced Capabilities

• New Native VCL Windows Controls: TControlList , TNumberBox
• Windows Store Packaging with MSIX
• Updated Konopka Components
• Enhanced TEdgeBrowser VCL Component

// New Developer Productivity and UX Features
// Faster Onboarding and Application Development

• IDE Improvements
• Code Insight ( LSP ) improvements
• Enhanced Migration Tool
• Low Code App Wizard *

// Expanded FireMonkey Platforms Support
// Targeting the Newest OS Versions

• iOS 14 Support (Delphi and C++)
• macOS 11 Intel Support (Delphi)
• Android 11 Support (Delphi)

// New Delphi & C++ Features
• Delphi Compiler Performance Improvements
• C++ Win 64-bit Linker Enhancements
• C++ Exceptions Handling and RTL Improvements
• Improved C++ code completion

// Additional Enhancements and Quality
• Parallel Library (PPL)
• SOAP Clients and WSDL
• New Debug Visualizers
• FireDAC enhancements for many databases
• Fixed over 600 customer reported issues

Please read more officially from here

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