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Important To Learn std::memory_order In C++ Atomic Operations

Using multi-threading development skills on the CPU, GPU, and memory operations is important in programming, but it can give rise to problems in synchronization of multi-thread operations and reaching data for reading and writing. The concurrency support library in modern C++ is designed to solve problems in multi-thread operations. Since the C++11 standard, this library includes built-in…
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How To Make An MSIX Windows Installer Package

What is MSIX? Which RAD Studio versions support MSIX package provisioning? What is the structure of an MSIX package? How do I create an MSIX package? How can an MSIX package help with Windows app development? What is an MSIX installer package? MSIX is modern file installation package for Windows applications. Windows apps packaged with MSIX can be uploaded to the Windows Store to make…
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