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How To Learn C Programming In 2022

Are you searching for how to learn C programming in 2022? Well, you’ve come to the right place! The C programming language is one of the most popular programming languages that can be used to develop apps with C++ Code Editor or with C or C++ SDKs and with free tools like Dev-C++ and C++ Builder CE. C Programming Language was developed in the 1970s and since 1970, there have been many programming languages and have been many changes in C language, like C+, C++, CLANG standards C++99, C++11, C++14, and C++17. C++ programming language includes C language and is powered by Object Oriented Programming features like Classes, Objects, Methods, etc. Still, this oldest genie language is popular, mostly in the top 3 but if we consider its other variations and its usage on microchips and IoTs it is the most used programming language.

A C or C++ Compiler is a computer program that converts one programming language (i.e. C/C++ codes) written with text into executable machine code with a linker. In general, All computers (CPU/GPU) work with machine code (code that can be directly programmed by assembler codes) that tells the computer what to do (exe files are this kind of file). This is the most native and fastest code, but it requires writing many lines for simple things and is hard to generalize for all kinds of machines. C and C++ are very helpful to reach about the coding in assembler level (let’s say close to the assembler level). This means your any C or C++ app is using CPU and GPU in maximum speed, in minimum memory usage and efficiency.

C and C++ Compilers are great tools to develop when they are paired with a professional C++ IDE for Windows app development. According to TIOBE Index and parallel to these results in many true statistic web sites, C and C++ programming language have more than 23+% share in total, C language has more than 13.13% share and if you add Objective-C, Swift, and other C and C++ related programming languages it has about more than 33% share in worldwide and note that these are recorded from online data only.

Download C / C++ Compiler and IDE because coding is the best way I know how to learn C Programming

Do not spend a time to find C Compiler or C Editor, a C++ Editor and Compiler are good choice to develop apps in both C and C++. You can use C commands in a C console application, in a C++ console application or in a C++ Visual Application with GUIs like buttons, edit boxes etc. too. For example, C++ Builder is a good tool to develop C applications.

Embarcadero C++ Builder 11.1.5 IDE with CLANG C++ compiler Is the best C and C++ IDE

C++ Builder is the easiest and fastest C and C++ IDE for building simple or professional applications on the Windows, iOS & Android operating systems. It is also easy for beginners to learn with its wide range of samples, tutorials, help files, and LSP support for code. C++ Builder comes with Rapid Application Development Studio, also known as RAD Studio, and C++ Builder is one of the most professional IDEs that work under RAD Studio. It is the oldest IDE (it began as Borland TurboC in 1990 and was later renamed Borland C++ Builder). Under the Embarcadero brand, it comes with new versions, features, updates, and support. RAD Studio’s C++ Builder version comes with the award-winning VCL framework for high-performance native Windows apps and the powerful FireMonkey (FMX) framework for cross-platform UIs. There is a free C++ Builder Community Edition for students, beginners, and startups.

How To Learn C Programming in 2022 an image of the C++ builder Welcome Page
RAD Studio C++ Builder 111 Patch 1 IDE and Compiler Welcome Screen

Here are the features of the C++ Builder 11 version

  • Provision apps for Windows 11
  • Compile for Android API 30
  • Compile for M-series (Apple Silicon) processors
  • Design on high-DPI 4k+ screens
  • View VCL Styles in design time
  • New & modernized VCL components  
  • Use enhanced remote desktop support to collaborate remotely 
How To Learn C Programming in 2022 a composite image of the some PCs showing the Windows 11 start screen

You can download the free C++ Builder Community Edition here: https://www.embarcadero.com/products/cbuilder/starter.
Professional developers can use the Professional, Architect or Enterprise versions of C++ Builder. Please visit https://www.embarcadero.com/products/cbuilder.

How to learn C Programming with a simple C application

  1. Install and Run the latest RAD Studio or C++ Builder CE
  2. Create a new Console Application from the File->New->Console Application C++ Builder menu as below,
How To Learn C Programming an image of the RAD Studio IDE with the console application menu option selected

3. In the next window, select Target Framework as None and If you are sure you will use C language only then you can select C language. If you want to use C language and may be you can use C++ features in the same code, then you can select C++ source type. And press OK to create a new application.

How To Learn C Programming in 0222 selecting the target framework

4. Now, you can start to write your first C codes into Code Editor of C++ Builder IDE. Here is a simple Hello World example as below,

How To Learn C Programming in 2022 an image of the C++ Builder IDE with a hello world C program in it
RAD Studio C++ Builder IDE 1115

Here first add library headers with #include < > command. Then we define our main() program with { and } .Between these we write our main program. We can use printf(” “); function to write text outputs. Then we can wait for a character input (a key press) by the getchar(); command. Finally we can write return 0; to let application know it is done successfully. If you have problem to type you can use this full example below.

5. Now we can compile and run our application. Press Run Button or just Press F9 to compile and run your first C example.

Do you know how to learn C programming from Embarcadero, for free?

The quickest, the best and the easy way to learn C is search C examples from web. There are many C and C++ examples. You can easily use them to learn C and C++ language. Some free codes may require licenses to use in commercial apps, so if you go for commercial apps consider these licenses.

You can use these official pages of Embarcadero in C and C++ programming,

LearnCPlusPlus.org is designed to teach C and C++ (mostly C++) to beginners and professionals. You can find many C and C++ examples with explanations. If you want to go professional, we highly recommend this web page.

This is an Official DocWiki of Embarcadero which has examples and highly detailed information about C++ Builder and Delphi commands.

This is official blogs of Embarcadero, you can find latest news and posts about C++,

C++ Builder supports both C and C++ programming languages in CLANG standards. That means you can also use C++98, C++11, C++14 and C++17 features with your C codes. Moreover, you can use other examples from the useful web pages as some given examples below.

How to learn C programming from some other C and C++ web sites?

There are many C and C++ examples in the web. You can read these different web pages and you can use their C examples in your C++ Builder IDE.








How to learn C++ 17?

Embarcadero and Bartłomiej Filipek have a free version of his great *C++17 In Detail* book. If you want to learn some of the newer C++ features C++Builder provides, this book is an excellent resource. You can directly use this link to learn C++17 : https://lp.embarcadero.com/Cpp17eBook

How To Learn C Programming image link to a free ebook



You can download the free C++ Builder Community Edition here: https://www.embarcadero.com/products/cbuilder/start-for-free

Professional developers can use the Professional, Architect or Enterprise versions of C++ Builder. Who not visit and download a copy of C++ Builder today?

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