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Learn About Basic Windows Components In C++ Development (QuickLook Part 2)


ComboBox is used to select list of texts (i.e. Categories). Gets the item that is currently selected in the combo box. Selected returns the selected item in the combo box as a TListBoxItem instance


CheckBox shows a check box that can be either on (selected) or off (cleared). It is easy to add options to be checked or not. You can easily control the check/uncheck events by using OnChange event as below;

You can manually set TCheckBox on or off.


Switch shows a on/off button that can be either on  or off. It is easy to add options to be ON or OFF. You can easily control the check/uncheck events by using OnChange event as below;

You can manually set TSwitch on or off.


The StatusBar is usually aligned at the bottom of a form, and displays information about an application as it runs. A status bar can display a size grip, so if your form is sizable, there is no need to add a TSizeGrip component as long as you have a status bar already. The status bar can also intercept hints.


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