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How To Copy A Wide String to Wide Char Array In A C++ App

How can I use copy() method of std::wstring in a C++ app? How can I copy a wide string to a wide char array? Here are the answers with C++ examples. What is a WString? wstrings (Wide Strings) are the string class for characters that has 2 bytes that represented with wstring. In Modern C++, alphanumeric characters are stored in wide strings because of their support for characters of World…
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This Is How To Use std::u32string In C++ Software

What is u32string in modern C++? How can I use u32string in C++ software? Is std::u32string same as std::string? Why do I have an error when I define a std::u32string? Which literal should I use with the std::u32string? Let’s answer these questions in this post. What is u32string? The u32string (std::u32string or std::pmr::u32string) are the string class data types for the 32bit…
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This Is How To Extract A File Extension in A Windows C++ App

C++ Builder has specific Path Manipulation Routines that allows your C++ app to edit, extract, get and set drive name, directory name, file name, file extensions and so on. These methods are combined in Vcl.FileCtrl, System.IOUtils, System.SysUtils libraries. These path manipulation methods are easy to use and easy to get or set file path strings in that operating system. These can be used…
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