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This Is How To Analyze Includes in C++ With Cppinclude

Learn about Cppinclude, a tool for analyzing C++ “includes” in this video. Oleg Fedorenko takes us through the use of Cppinclude and why it is so useful analyzing the headers you have included in projects so you can better optimize compile times and make sure everything is as efficient as possible. Where can I get the Cppinclude C++ tool? Cppinclude is publicly available at the…
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What Is The SoftMax Function in Neural Networks?

What is the SoftMax function in Neural Networks? How can we use the SoftMax function in ANN? Where can we use SoftMax in AI technologies? Let’s explain these terms. What is the Softmax function? The SoftMax Function is a generalization of the logistic function to multiple dimensions. It is also known as softargmax or normalized exponential function. It is used in multinomial logistic…
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How To Make C++ Data Bindings In Windows VCL Apps

What are LiveBindings? How can I create LiveBindings in C++ Builder VCL applications? How can I use LiveBindings in VCL applications? What are the LiveBindings Visual Components? Is there a simple LiveBindigs example for the C++ Builder VCL applications? Let’s answer these questions by demonstrating them using a C++ IDE. What are LiveBindings? LiveBindingsis a data-binding…
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