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What Is List (std::list) In Modern C++?

Containersare powerful data storage arrays in modern C++ and they are very useful to iterate and search data with their amazing methods and properties. A container is a holder object that stores data elements (a collection of data objects). std::vector, std::array, std::set are these kinds of containers. There is another useful container, in this post, we explain what std::list is. Before…
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How To Use void_t Alias Template in C++ 17?

In C++ 17, there is a very useful alias template for metaprogramming that can be used to simplify use of SFINAE. The void_tis a meta-function that is used to map any types ( or types) to typevoid. In this post, we explain what is void_t, how you can use it in different examples. What is alias template void_t in C++ 17? The void_t is an alias template which is introduced with…
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What Are The Elementary String Conversions That Come With C++ 17?

In addition to many beneficial features of C++ 17, there are elementary string conversions introduced in that specification. The std::to_chars() and std::from_chars() are defined in <charconv> header to do conversions between numeric values to strings or strings to numeric values without considering locale-specific conversions. In this post, we explain the std::to_chars() and std::from_chars()…
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Everything You Need To Know About The Copy Assignment Operator In C++ Classes

Classes and Objects are part of object-oriented methods and typically provide features such as properties and methods. One of the great features of an object orientated language like C++ is a copy assignment operator that is used with operator= to create a new object from an existing one. In this post, we explain what a copy assignment operator is and its types in usage with some C++…
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