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What Is A Class Template In C++?

C++ language is a very powerful programming language and is suitable for almost any software development task. One of the great features of modern C++ is templates. A template is a simple and a very powerful statement in C++ which defines the operations of a class or function and lets the user apply the same template on different types in those operations. In this post we will explain class…
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Learn Bits and How To Use std::bitset In C++

In computer hardware and software, bit is the smallest unit of data, and as programmers we use them in every single character of our code lines and more. A std::bitset is a modern feature to use set of bits in C++. C++ is great programming language to use every part of hardware of a device and you can use C++ program easily with a professional compiler and by using this kind of examples below.
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This Is How To Use std::map In Modern C++

Modern C++ is amazingly powerful with many great features to help you write programs more easily with fewer errors. In C++, the Standard Template Library or STL has many algorithms for operations like searching, counting, and manipulation of ranges and their elements. In this Learn C++ post we show you a feature called std::map that you can use to pair elements. What is std::map in Modern…
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Everything You Need To Use String Literals in Modern C++

One of the main data types of programming is the string. Strings are important in every step of programming. They should be used carefully so they are displayed and function correctly which is especially important if you are developing global applications that use different languages. Using a professional C++ Dev Tool will help you with things like automatic syntax highlighting to help you…
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