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Learn What auto And Auto-Typed Variables Are In Modern C++

C++ is a highly evolved and mature programming language. The C++ language has a great set of choices of modern C++ Editor and compilers all of which come with a lot of tools, GUI components, and libraries. C++11 was a big step for functional programming and it brought many other very useful features like automatic type deduction (auto), lambda expressions, and decltype features. In this post…
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Learn How To Use Key Events In C++ VCL Applications On Windows

C++ is one of the best programming languages to develop games and simulations. One of the important elements of developing a C++ Game is handling key events. Understanding how key and keyboard events work means you can get your program to react to the user’s key presses in the game to control the action.In this article, we explain how you can use key events of C++ VCL applications on…
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What Is typedef In C++

C++ language is an evolved version of the C language. In development, the most commonly used features and functions in C++ come, at least in part, from the C language. One of these C-based features is the typedef specifier. While there is a type alias in C++ typedef is still a strong feature which allows us to create abbreviations for long types. In this article, we will explain how to use…
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Learn How To Use Keyboard Arrows In C++ On Windows

If you want to develop console applications and you need to perform some actions in accordance with key presses such as those you find in games, you need to handle these inputs in your applications. Many game engines are based on C++ and while it’s a lot more complicated to create a full C++ Game engine you will find an IDE like C++ Builder supports event handling just fine, and you can…
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