Where To Find The C++ Standards In 2023?

C++ is a well-established programming language that is supported by a big community for many different computing hardware platforms. The language has a set of standards generally named after the approximate year the standard was adopted, such as C++98, C++11, C++14, C++17, and so on. Basically, these standards are an international agreement for C++ compiler technology. If you are using a feature…
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What Are Function Macros For Integer Constants?

In C++ coding, there are function macros for the fixed-width integer type that expands to an integer constant expression having the value specified by its argument. Their type is the promoted type of std::int_least8_t, std::int_least16_t, std::int_least32_t, and std::int_least64_t and unsigned versions of these types respectively. In this post, we explain these function macros for integer…
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How To Use The Python Language In A C++ App?

Python is hugely popular and has some really useful libraries. Python is particularly strong in the field of AI and machine learning (ML). If you are C++ developer, you might want your users to be able to analyze data with AI modules or frameworks written in the Python language in your applications. Let’s imagine you want the users to carry out a few button clicks to do some heavy AI…
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How To Create TCP/IP Server and Client Connections in C++ Builder?

The speed of communications is rapidly increasing and new advances in the underlying technology happen with increasing frequency. One of the oldest and maybe one of the most used types of connections in the world is the TCP/IP (Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol) connection. This protocol is used to enable end-to-end data connections. It is a standard that specifies how data should…
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