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Learn To Use argc argv in C++

When we run an application, we can directly run the executable file or we can run this executable file with arguments. Arguments are very useful for many reasons. This feature allows the user to define their arguments on the command line or from file info and the executable file can then use the arguments in the code to set variables or determine internal actions. When you create an application in…
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How To Create A Linked List In A C++ Program

The C++ programming language is one of the top 5 programming languages around the world. The superbly rich C++ programming language includes many elements of the C language and goes further by adding object-oriented programming features like classes, objects, and methods. Linked Lists are used to sort data groups (i.e. users, parts) in C and C++ applications. In this post we will learn C++ with a…
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This Is How To Visualize Kinematics In Windows C++ Apps

In this post, you’ll learn what kinematics is, how to use it in programming, draw kinematic drawings in C++, and how to simulate kinematic animations in a C++ app. What does Kinematics mean? Kinematicsis a subfield of physics; it describes themotionof points, rigid bodies, and systems of these rigid body groups without considering the forces that cause them to move.
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How To Make A Vector-Based Simple Artificial Neuron Model

In this post, you’ll get answers to these questions: How can I use Vectors in an ANN model?Can I use vectors in a Simple Artificial Neuron example?Do you have an Artificial Intelligence example in Modern C++?How to apply vectors to an ANN model?Can we use vectors as arrays in our AI applications?What are the benefits of using Modern C++ features like Vectors and Classes in AI…
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