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How To Sort C++ Vectors With std::sort Parallel Sorting

Modern C++ is an amazing programming language with many powerful features. In C++, the Standard Template Library or STL has many algorithms for operations like searching, counting, and manipulation of ranges and their elements. C++17 has a new feature in the STL which allows you to sort vectors with the std::sort Parallel Sorting Algorithm. Both vectors and arrays can be sorted by the std::sort…
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How To Use C++ front() And back() Methods Of Vectors

In this post, you’ll get answers to these questions: What are the Vectors in C++?How can I use the front() iterator method on vectors?How can I use the back() iterator method on vectors?Can I get the last member of a vector by using the back() method?How can I access the first element of a vector?Can I print out the first and the last members of vectors by using the front() and back()…
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What Are The Parallelism Features That Come With C++ 17?

With the C++17 standard, the contents of the Parallelism Technical Specification are added to modern C++, and as a result, make their way into many C++ compilers and IDEs, such as the latest C++ Builder 12. This feature adds new overloads, taking an additional execution policy argument, to many algorithms, as well as entirely new algorithms. Three execution policies are supported, which…
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What Are The Amazing Containers In Modern C++?

Containers are powerful data storage arrays in modern C++ and they are very useful to iterate and search data with their amazing methods and properties. TheC++ Standardslibrary defines 4 container types. In this post, we explain containers in modern C++. What is a container in modern C++? Containers are modern data storage arrays in modern C++ and they are very useful to iterate…
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