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How To Set And Print Vector Members On Windows

Arrays and structs in C++ are explained well in our previous posts. These functions originally came from the C. In this post, we will explain another great feature of C++, The Vectors. Vectorsare dynamic arrays included in<vector> libraryin modern C++ and they can resize themselves automatically when a member of a vector is inserted or deleted. Vectors are the same…
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Why You Should Learn About Hilarious Hedgehogs In C++

I know what you’re thinking: hedgehogs. Those cute, spiky little mammals who snuffle around in bushes and famously curl into a ball when life looks a little too scary. But, bear with me, those hedgehogs can serve a serious purpose in C++. In this post, you’ll learn how to draw vectors in arrows and visualize them with hedgehogs on the bitmap. By learning how to draw your engineering…
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Learn To Use For Loops In C++

In programming, one of the most used statement is for() loops. It is used to count in range with given conditions. If you know exactly how many times you want to execute a block of code in your loop, then they are very useful than other loops. Occasionally, it is used to calculate series in range or to list elements that have the number of elements (i.e. string lists, arrays, char arrays, vectors…
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