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How To Get A Substring Of A String In A C++ App

How can I use substr() method of std::wstring? How can I get a substring of a string in a C++ app? Here are the answers with C++ examples. Generally, as an introduction to C++, in addition to int, float, double there is another data type called string that we use for alphanumeric variables. In C++ there are several typedefs for common character types are provided: String types are defined in…
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This Is How To Use Time And Its Properties In C++ Software

How can we use Time when writing C++ software? How can we obtain local time or UTC time in our C++ apps? How can we get each property of a time such hours, mins, seconds? In programming we have two important parameters that we use, which are Date and Time properties. The date and time properties are obtained from a timer or time module such as an RTC DS3231 module which is used on IoTs. The…
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How To Use static_cast In C++ Software

What is a cast operator? What types of casting can be used in C++? What is a static_cast in C++? How can I use static_cast in C++ Software? In C++, a cast operator is anUnary Operatorwhich forces one data type to be converted into another data type.In general, C++ supports four types of casting: Static CastDynamic CastConst CastReinterpret Cast What is a Static Cast? In…
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